1 Day – 1 Short _ Day12

1 Day – 1 Short _ Day12

1 Day – 1 Short _ Day12

Dancing is silent poetry

Two distinctly disparate characters come together over a broken down Volkswagen Beetle in this sweet, amusing tale of love, loss and… car trouble.



We Keep On Dancing

Writer: Rhys Mitchell/ Director: Jessica Barclay Lawton/Director of Photography: Edward Goldner/ Producers: Jessica Barclay Lawton & Rhys Mitchell/ Executive Producers: James Frecheville, Jessica Barclay Lawton & Rhys Mitchell/ Assistant Director: Lucy Mckendrick/Sound Designer: Mark Edwards/ Sound Composition: Oscar Dawson/Choreographer – Aisha Kuryana/ Editor: Marty Gilchrist/Colourist: CJ Dobson ‘Pocket Post’/ Visual Effects: The Pixel Kitchen

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