1 Day – 1 Short _ Day203

1 Day – 1 Short _ Day203

1 Day – 1 Short _ Day203

Nothing is ever as it seems

Marta is driving home when a tree falls in the middle of the street and forces her to stop. She gets out of the car and she tries to move the tree. Suddenly, another car appears behind her and it begins to pursue her.

Il serpente

Director: Nicola Prosatore / Screenplay: Carlo Salsa with Roberto De Paolis, Nicola Prosatore / Executive Producer: Carlo Traini / Cinematographer: Ferran Paredes Rubio / Production designer: Gaspare De Pascali / Costume supervisor: Amina Lombroni / Sound recordist: Alessio Costantino / Editing: Nicola Prosatore / Sound editor: Bruno Ventura.

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