1 Day – 1 Short _ Day210

1 Day – 1 Short _ Day210

1 Day – 1 Short _ Day210

Experimental exploration of a traumatic life event

Abraham and his pregnant wife Sarah are going to a hospital with a suspicion of miscarriage. They are sitting in the back seat of a taxi. The places the car passes by reflect the inner worlds of the couple, in a way these things the car passes by turn into their inner worlds: While they are going towards the hospital, the birth part of the birth-death cycle is seen outside. While they are coming back, the death part of the same cycle is seen.


Director, Producer – Süleyman Demirel – Yönetmen, Yapımcı / Written by – Recai Rize – Senarist / Assistant Directors: Tansu Pınar, İlhan Yaman, Efe Özdemir – Yardımcı Yönetmenler / Director of Photography: Recai Rize – Görüntü Yönetmeni / Mentor: Önder M. Özdem -Danışman / Editing – VFX: Süleyman Demirel, Recai Rize – Kurgu, Görsel Efektler

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