1 Day – 1 Short _ Day48

1 Day – 1 Short _ Day48

1 Day – 1 Short _ Day48

When playing is not fun anymore

Nicolas is meeting the family of his fiancee Victoire. To please them, he will have to play a board game, a game that they been playing for years.

English subtitles available



Jeu de société

Script : Guillaume Desjardins, Jérémy Bernard, Bastien Ughetto / Directors : Guillaume Desjardins & Jérémy Bernard/ Assistant Director : Jérémy Bernard/ 2nd assistant director : Bastien Ughetto/3nd assistant director : Gabriel Mirété /  Photography Director : Romain Plumat /camera operator : Guillaume Desjardins/ Electro : Léo Bourdon/ Music : Edouard Joguet

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