Mani Cura

Mani Cura

Based on real events, MANI CURA tells the stories that lie behind the lawns–and hands–of Colombia’s wealthiest women. Tere, the local manicurist who visits their homes, becomes the repository of confessions that reveal their lives are not what they appear to be.

When : Saturday 5:35 pm

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Based on testimonies from women I’ve worked with during my time as a healthcare provider, I tried to create a script with an atmosphere that shows the subtleties of domestic abuse. Submission, fear, denial, and pity for the abuser, are some of the behaviors that are considered, either through drama or irony.

Even though the situation of women in Latin America has some particularities, most of the women in the world seem conditioned to dreadful destinies. Indiscriminate rape and murder in Mexico, rape in India, the shooting of a girl in Pakistan for claiming the right to education, the burning with acid, the burial of women while still alive for the honor of the family, and mutilation practices in Africa, are wrenching evidence. The Barbie doll turned fifty, and so did “The Feminine Mystique”. Has anything changed? I ask myself. While the problem continues being a no name problem, and the war for changes an invisible war, we will all be Broken Dolls.





 13 minutes

Director: Gisela Savdie& Dany Holguín
Writer: Gisela Savdie
Producer Gisela Savdie & Daniel Merendoni
Key Cast : Ana Lucía Delgadillo, Ika Santamaría, Lalish