In a society close to our own, where the poor take an important role in the equilibrium of the community, Leria, a young woman in need is passing a job interview.

When : Saturday 28th _ 7:25 pm

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Florent Agostini was born in Beaumont in the Puy-De-Dome and received his baccalaureate in 2010 at Clermont-Ferrand. Having explored small amateur film projects since a young age, he goes off to ESEC to study cinema as soon as he turns 18.

He then decides to leave university after his first theoretical year in order to work on a telefilm, “Les Anonymes”, directed by Pierre Schoeller. By chance, he obtains the position of broadcast technician for the television channel BFM TV, which allows him to forge his outlook onto the wider world.

This job relatively far from the 7th art, liberating occasionally considerable frustrations, became his largest source of determination. Florent Agostini creates in 2015 the label SIMILAR MIND, the name under which he kick-starts the writing of his first short film, SIMILAIRES.

Attached to his Auvergnan roots, he decides to shoot the entirety of this ecological social satire in an environment that saw him blossom from a child to a man, surrounded by family and childhood friends. Early 2017, he decides to organize the filming of Reflections, a new social satire on the theme of poverty.

«An open window on a parallel world presents us with a dehumanized society where citizens can no longer communicate without machines. As the third film of the Similar Mind project, REFLECTIONS serves to bring a novel perspective on poverty’s place in society while denouncing an insidious standardization of misery which encourages our ignorance of the beings behind those in need. » – Florent Agostini





 18 minutes 30 seconds

Producer : Florent Agostini, Pierre Valente
Director : Florent Agostini
Writer : Florent Agostini
DOP : Thomas Pantalacci
Edit : Alexis Bizière
Sound Design : Axel Gozlan
Music : Arno Cadaze
Casting : Angie Valalik, Lisa Livane