The Fruit of Our Womb

The Fruit of Our Womb

Andrea is lesbian and never had sex with a man. One day, she gets pregnant. What if it’s a miracle ?

The Fruit of Our Womb is a FEEL-GOOD film that follows the funny story of this adorable lesbian couple as the impossible becomes very likely…


When : Friday 27th _ 9:35 pm

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Laurie is a young cinematographer who loves to travel the world and spread happiness.

She was born in the North of France, but was raised and studied Editing and Directing in the South of France. During her studies Laurie did a determining exchange program at UQÀM (Montreal) in Directing Class. She has been working in Editing, Production and Directing in several cities – London, Montreal, Lille, Marseille, Lyon and Paris.

Curious and hyperactive, Laurie always has a project in her mind, and another one going on.

The Fruit of Our Womb is her first film as a director after university.

As an ardent egalitarian, Laurie is particularly touched by the LGBTQ+ cause, especially facing the rise of homophobia growing in France (and in the world) since same-sex marriage is allowed. This film is her way, using her skills, to spread a political message. And smiles.





 29 minutes 7 seconds

Producer : Lucille Laskowski
Director : Laurie Mannessier
Writer : Laurie Mannessier
Original Score : Quentin Fouquet
Key Cast : Bénédicte Lala-Ernoult, Sarah Perrier, Yvon Back, Quentin Fouquet