Tierra Caliente


In Colombia, where there are no seasons, it is common for people from cold cities to travel to warmer parts of the country, the Tierra Caliente (Hot Lands), in search of a summer sojourn. Culturally, Tierra Caliente has become a place where anything can happen… where anyone can let go and be free. As the mercury rises, a secret turns a trip to Tierra Caliente into a weekend that Veronica, Lucia and their boyfriends will never forget.


Alvaro is a Colombian-Australian filmmaker who has worked in drama, documentary and music videos. His work has screened and received awards at international festivals, and in six occasions he’s been invited to screen a selection of his works at various Colombian cities.

Some of Alvaro’s most noted works include DAYBREAK (Amanecer), a short film shot in Australia, winner of 3 international awards and labeled by Screen Junkies as “one of the 10 best independent short films of the 2000s”; PARKING LOT and THREE PARTS TO A HUG (short films); and Vina Lynch’s music video FURIA, starring renowned Colombian actor Andres Parra. He was also DOP of the short film 7:23, winner of the Grand Prix at the 2008 One Take Film Festival in Croatia.

In 2015 he directed the 20 episode TV Series CALLE SONORA. TIERRA CALIENTE, his most recent short, had its Colombian premiere at Bogota’s Indie Film Festival – IndieBo. He currently lives in Bogota, where he is developing his first feature film.

Director Statement

There are many times in which we revisit our past in order to judge our decisions, wrong or right.  But such is life, where only one choice can be made at a time.





 21 minutes 40 seconds

Producer: Jaime Reyes, Maruia Shelton & Alvaro D.Ruiz
Director: Alvaro D.Ruiz
Writer: Alvaro D.Ruiz
Cast: Maruia Shelton, Monica Chavez, Esteban Garcia & Andres Gamez